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VPN-The Virtual Network

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VPN is a public-telecommunication network that provides access to remote users or regional’s offices to connect with the private network of Head’s Office or any organization. It ensures security, private internet, internal network authenticate, and remote connectivity service.


VPN allows the users to access the blocked contents, documents, etc through the various world-wide servers. Consumers use a VPN tunnel to protect their online activity or identity, also it prevents eavesdroppers from sniffing Internet activity. By using anonyms VPN service, user’s Internet traffic and data remain encrypted.


A few months ago, The news of porn websites banned in Nepal was quite miserable for some users. Almost all the porn websites were banned by the Nepal Government. Although it, the curiosity of users didn’t end and they started to use a VPN to watch such videos. Behind this, users also got access to hacked networks, private groups, and unusual organizations through VPN.


VPN is helping all the users either positively or negatively. Talking about the positive impact of VPN, using a VPN as a great agent to improve the performance and efficiency of a network. VPN can provide the IP Address from another country and allows full access to both web applications and websites in complete anonymity.


Talking about VPN features, VPN cand do many things such as it can hide our browsing history, it can change our IP locations, VPN can hide our web activities and many more things.


So, we can say that if we use VPN in a good way than it is very useful in our day to day virtual life and it is dangerous too if we use for other illegal activities.

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