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Intertnet-The New Revolution

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The Internet is the network of networks. In other words, it is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the TCP/ IP protocol worldwide. Internet carries an extensive range of information resources and services such as World wide web (WWW), Video conference, telnet, IRC, remote accessing and the infrastructure to support email.


Internet was developed by the Department of Defense of the US in the 1960s for the communication for military purposes and to protect the government’s data. This project was named as ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency). Gradually it developed as a communication channel among different dealers, contractors, business persons, military personnel, and researchers who were associated with the ARPA project. However, developed by the Department of Defense, the US, today the internet is not owned by any person or organization. But it is directed by some organization namely IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), IAB (Internet Architecture Board), and other similar kinds of organizations.

The devices on the internet have to follow rules and regulations known as a protocol which is a layered system of activities for sharing files, texts, messages, audio, videos, etc. This Internet standard uses a protocol framework namely TCP/IP.

The layered system consists of different layers of the different protocol where lies application layer at the top which is a space for the application-specific networking methods used in software, like in web browser where it uses client-server application model and targeted protocols for interaction between client and server, while the file-sharing application may use FTP for transferring file for peer-to-peer networks. Then below lies the transport layer which connects the device to a different host and provides data delivery service through TCP or UDP. There are more layers below these layers that interlink different networks maintain smooth communication service.

The computers on the internet are identified by their IP addresses provided by the internet. This is used by the internet to locate and provide the service requested by the client computer in the network. IP addresses are generally assigned by DHCP or automatically configured.


IPv4: IPv4 is the first version of IP address which is predominantly used that defines an IP address as a 32-bit number. Research shows that the IP was assigned to more than 4.3biilion devices and is now on the verge of exhaustion due to the overuse and growth of the internet. So, to overcome this exhaustion, IPv6 was designed which has larger addressing capability and more efficient routing of internet traffic.


Social impact of the Internet

Due to the overuse of the internet, it has created height between the rich and poor in developing countries since the people having a low living standard in developing countries cannot afford the internet due to its costly nature. However, the cost of the internet is on the process of decrement still it has been the most frustrating thing for students as well as for adults. The adult content available on the internet enhances the risks of different sexual and reproduction health-related problems whereas using and spending overtime on the internet on the social site have badly hampered the psychology of the children in developing countries. This has violated the focus and attention of students from their studies to something else. Moreover, the term dark web is very responsible for the violation of the rules and regulations of the internet as well as the violation of peace and security in the society since it hacks and steals all the crucial information about a person or organization, it creates a mental tension and pressure among all the people regarding their privacy such as bank account, password for different affairs. etc.

However, the good content on the internet has helped a lot of students complete their education and researchers to do their research properly and efficiently. It has opened the door of communication worldwide and has brought people to form all over the world into a focal point. Today the world has become a small village due to wide applications of the internet. It has been a new way of entertainment, communication, trade, sports as well as lifestyle. This has also given employment to lots of people in the world. The services given such as IRC (Internet Relay Chat) allows us to communicate with a person in real-time, email has replaced the word letter and allows us to communicate in cheaper rates and has helped in the increasing the manufacture of products in industries and many more.

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