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Darkweb-The Mysterious Cyber World

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If you are curious to learn about Darkweb and its whole principle then you are welcome. It is a simple portion of the network; can be accessed by the “TOR” Browser. Our whole world contains so many networks that changed the full phenomenon of life. Similarly, Darkweb is also one network that has brought some changes to life. So, presenting knowledgable content about Darkweb; Get Started!


Darkweb is a fully hidden network that cannot be indexed by Search Engines, requires configuration and authentication to access. It is known as “Web Content” that occurs on Darknets, overlay networks. Darkweb brings thinking of cybercriminal activities to mind as soliciting drugs. Darkweb also provides privacy to users as a requirement for entirely legal reasons, such as sharing appropriate business documents, etc. There are layers of VPN i.e virtual private network in the Darkweb so that is very difficult to stop the cybercrimes because we can’t trace the criminals easily. The whole activities of Darkweb are done on encrypted data which cannot be accessed by any users without authorization.

How to access Darkweb?

The anonymous browser, “TOR” is used for accessing Darkweb which is also part of anonymity. This anonymous browser hides the user’s detail/identity by routing webpages. A series of proxy servers which renders an IP Address untraceable, requests to this browser to perform hidden activities. While processing it, TOR works as unreliable and slow and contains very few Darkweb search engines.


Darkweb contains websites which have unconventional naming structure. The users should have proper information about the URL and proxy servers before accessing this network. Websites on Darkweb is made complex so that users can’t remember or find it.

Principle of Darkweb:

“The dark web operates on the principle of ‘onion routing’, where anonymity is achieved by rerouting a user’s internet activity on the web. Darkweb routes users through different dispersed IP addresses to veil the traffic coming from a different computer.” The Tor network began as a channel for anonymous communication, and while hackers or cyber criminals do take advantage of this, there are practical reasons for accessing it.

Crisis of using Darkweb:

Accessing the darknet and all its tools/services not only helps you; It also affects your computer or mobile system. Darkweb is associated with high risks and dangers, so users should know some crisis of Darkweb before accessing it:


  1. Infection of Malware and Ransomware
  2. Leaks of intellectual property or trade secrets
  3. Spoofing or Spying locations
  4. Phishing or Spams
  5. Webcam hijacking or cyberespionage.
  6. Illegal Pornography

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